Each year, money is made available from dividends generated by the Phoenix Foundation’s Endowment Funds. The Endowments continue to grow thanks to support from financial gifts & bequests from area residents, local businesses, the Vancouver Foundation and other charitable organizations. The Phoenix Foundation welcomes financial contributions of any size.

We help donors realize their philanthropic goals by providing expertise in charitable giving options. Your gift builds an endowment fund that keeps giving forever. Cash, bequests, life insurance policy, stocks, bonds, appreciated securities and real estate. We can help you choose where your gift will have the most impact.

Donors with $5,000 or more to contribute may set up a named fund which can be designed to address specific needs in the community and to match the specific philanthropic goals of the donor.

Give Where It Matters

Your gift, can address the community issues you care most about; express gratitude to the community; or create a family legacy to be remembered and appreciated by future generations. Your gift can be unrestricted, designated to a specific area of interest or charity, or named to honour a family member or a friend.

Although grants disbursed from our funds cover a broad range of community sectors, the Phoenix Foundation does more than simply make grants. Through our Vital Signs Community Survey and Community Conversations we identify current community needs and emerging issues, provide leadership in addressing these issues and help the community prepare for the future.

The Board of Directors of the Phoenix Foundation manages the capital within its endowments as outlined in Terms of Reference for Finance and Investment.