Grant Forms

Grant applicants must complete several document submissions during the granting process. For an overview of the granting process, potential applicants are encouraged to view the Grant Timeline and review the Grant Eligibility Questionnaire.

Letter of Intent

(To be submitted by March 31st for the current grant year)

The Letter of Intent is the first submission applicants will make to the Phoenix Foundation and provides a brief overview of their proposed project and organization.

Prerequisites for submission:

  • Applicants must be a registered charity or have an agreement pending with a host agency.
  • The applicant should be able to identify how their proposed project will address issues or priorities of the community.
  • Applicant should have prepared an outline of the project and activities required for completion.
  • Applicants should be able to provide a budget for their project as well as description of how their project will be funded.

Submit a Letter of Intent

Applicants may enter information directly into the PDF form and send via email or print the form and mail to the Foundation.

Grant Application

(Submitted by deadline provided by the Foundation as part of formal grant application invitation.)

Applicants who have submitted qualifying Letters of Intent will receive an invitation from the Foundation to submit a formal Grant Application along with a deadline for submission.


  • A formal invitation from the Foundation to submit a Grant Application.
  • Applicant is a registered charity or has secured a host agency.
  • Attend (not mandatory) a grant information session.
  • Have secured and can detail funding for the project (volunteer labour and in-kind donations qualify as funding sources).
  • Prepared a detailed budget for the project that highlights funding shortfall and funding being requested from the Foundation.

Submit a Grant Application

Applicants may enter information directly into the PDF form and send via email or print the form and mail to the Foundation.

Final Grant Report

(Submitted at project completion which must be within 1 year of notification from the Foundation of grant award.)

Once an applicant has been notified by the Phoenix Foundation of a successful grant award, they have one year to complete their project. Once the project has been completed, a Grant Final Report must be submitted before grant funds are released.


  • A completed financial report for the project with receipts.
  • Copies of media coverage for the project
  • Photos and completed consent forms (below)
  • A statement outlining the difference/impact the grant has made to your organization and/or the greater community.

Submit a Final Grant Report

Applicants should print and submit final reports via mail along with photos, receipts and consent forms. Applicants may also email materials if applicable.

Photo Consent Form

Grantees are encouraged to take photos to document the progress and completion of their projects and its impact on the community.