Fields Of Interest

The Phoenix Foundation’s Field Of Interest endowments enable the Foundation to address a wide range of funding needs throughout the Boundary region.

Children and Youth

The proceeds from the Children and Youth endowment will be used to enhance the well-being of children and youth and their families and to support environments in which the children and youth of the Boundary Communities can grow and flourish.


The proceeds from the Health endowment will be used to support and advance the provision of community health initiatives that improve population health across the age spectrum from infants to seniors.

Senior’s Endowment

The proceeds from this endowment will enhance the lives, health and well-being of the senior population of the Boundary region by supporting programs and services promoting quality of life by meeting social, physical, developmental and recreational needs.

Community Health

The proceeds from this endowment will relate to Women’s health, youth health services, harm reduction services and agencies which support and advocate for such initiatives, including homeless or marginalized members of the communities.

Animal Welfare Endowment

Funding interests of the Phoenix Foundation’s Animal Endowment covers a wide spectrum of large and small animal species and issue areas, including companion and rescue animals; captive animals and free-ranging wildlife; farmed animals and animals used in research.

Examples of types of initiatives the Animal Endowment supports includes animal shelters and sanctuaries; spay/neuter initiatives and other forms of animal population control; education on the humane way for care and control of all animals; wildlife protection and injured animal rehabilitation; education on the humane treatment of production animals; minimization of pain and suffering to laboratory animals, and many other areas of interest.

Environment Endowment

The proceeds from this endowment will be used to promote and strengthen local environmental stewardship to help maintain the rich biodiversity of the Boundary. It supports projects that protect, preserve, enhance or restore the land, wildlife, natural flora, waterways, water and air quality, including public awareness initiatives, solutions and capacity building. Projects must have a clear vision; balance economic, environmental and social factors; and incorporate the views of a wide cross-section of the Boundary.

Give Where It Matters

Donate to the Phoenix Foundation’s Field Of Interest endowments to support your community where it matters most.