Youth Programs

Youth Advocacy

The Phoenix Foundation’s Youth Advocacy program supports future generations by increasing youth engagement and supporting youth-led community action projects in the Boundary.

Foundation youth activities help support youth in our communities to play an active role of improving their community. Youth activities focus on issues such as Work Arts & Culture, Transportation and Learning for Youth, as well as other issues identified within the Boundary Communities Vital Signs Report.


Phoenix Foundation administers a range of secondary and post-secondary scholarships for students of the Boundary region.

Secondary Scholarships

All secondary scholarships can be applied for through the Grand Forks Secondary School at (250) 442-8285.

Grand Forks & District Business Community Scholarship

This scholarship is available to any student wishing to attend a post-secondary, vocational or trade school. The criteria are based on need, academics in your chosen vocation and community involvement. The recipient must use our scholarship within 12 months.

John A. Robertson Memorial Scholarship

This is to be given to the best all-around athlete in the Grand Forks Secondary School graduating class.

John Nilsen Memorial

This scholarship is for a student from Grand Forks Secondary School, entering the field of medicine. The recipient will be selected by GFSS Scholarship Committee. A scholarship to be awarded to a student going on to post-secondary education in the field of medicine. In honour of John Nilsen, a physician in our community for more than 25 years.

J.J. McDonell Memorial

This scholarship is for a student at Grand Forks Secondary School who has distinguished themselves with an emphasis on service. The recipient will be selected by GFSS Scholarship Committee). Awarded to one girl and one boy who have proven themselves to be diligent and deserving students who are proceeding to some post-secondary education. This scholarship is in honour of J.J. McDonell, a pioneer from this area.

Gordon Keir Memorial

A scholarship awarded to assist a student proceeding to post-secondary education. Preference will be given to a student who has been actively involved in the community and/or school recreation and who has shown enthusiasm, team spirit and support in these activities. Academic standing and financial need will be considered. It is awarded in honour of the late Gordon Keir. (Scholarship selected by family representatives)

The Terry Fitzgeral Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a student proceeding to a post-secondary education in the field of trades. Preference is given to a son or daughter of Roxul employees.

Rotary Club:

Chas. Senay Memorial Scholarship and Dick Bartlett Memorial ScholarshipThese scholarships are sponsored by the Rotary Club in memory of Chas. Senay and Dick Bartlett. Rotary’s motto is “service above self in club, community, vocational and international service”. It’s scholarships reflect both vocational and community service and are given to students who have exemplified citizenship or service (volunteer).

Post Secondary Scholarships

Grand Forks Credit Union | Post Secondary Grant

The criteria for the GFCU scholarships are as follows:

  • Applicants for the scholarship grant are to be enrolled in their 3rd year or later of studies in a degree program and must be more than 50% completed in their studies leading towards the degree Applicants must be members of GFCU for the 12 months prior to the application
  • Applicants must have passing grades
  • Previous Scholarship recipients are ineligible
  • Application deadline, August 31 each year
  • Maximum grant per student per year: $1500

Apply at


A perpetual trust fund for the Hall-Treptow Music Scholarship was established in 2007 with the Phoenix Foundation, and the scholarship was made available for the first time in 2011. Applicants must:

  • have been resident in the Boundary region and graduated from a Secondary School in School District #51(Boundary), or equivalent form of education
  • provide proof of university or college registration for the 4th year of studies majoring in music
  • provide transcript of the first 3 years of university or college education majoring in music; and
  • provide a resume detailing their participation in musical performances commencing with entry to university or college music major studies

Applications are to be submitted directly to the Phoenix Foundation. The scholarship will be awarded to the best qualified candidate.

Queen Elizabeth Scholars

For more information visit

Canada’s community foundation network is investing in the next generation of global leaders and community builders thanks to 1,900 new scholarships for university students through the Canadian Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Scholarships program. The multi-sectoral partnership between CFC, the Rideau Hall Foundation, the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada and the federal government will help this $40 million program build the talents of future community leaders over the next four years (2015-2019).

Help Build A Better Future

Donate to a scholarship fund to assist in the education of the Boundary’s future generations.