Building A Better Boundary

Fostering community and culture through investment, philanthropy and development

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Supporting communities in the Boundary area

The Phoenix Foundation, through contributions from its donors, administers endowments that support local charitable organizations, community projects and initiatives in the communities of Bridesville, Carmi, Westbridge, Beaverdell, Christian Valley, Rock Creek, Kettle Valley, Midway, Greenwood, Grand Forks and Christina Lake.

Providing a safe place to give where it matters.

As an individual or organization, your gift to the Phoenix Foundation can help to address the community issues you care most about.

Funding projects throughout the Boundary area.

Phoenix Foundation provides grants to a wide range of creative projects benefitting a maximum number of people in the Boundary area.

Promoting youth through advocacy and scholarships.

Through youth-led community action projects and scholarships, Phoenix Foundation enables future generations of the Boundary.

Support your BOUNDARY community through the Phoenix Foundation

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Proudly serving Boundary communities for over 20 years.

Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities was created as a Community Foundation and a member of the Community Foundations of Canada.