Our Funds


(Named Funds)

Grand Forks District Savings Credit Union
(revenues go to a Donor Advised Fund, Administrative Fund and Scholarships)

Pope & Talbot Ltd
(Unrestricted Community Fund)

Grand Forks Rotary Club
(Unrestricted Community Fund and Scholarships)

Canpar Industries Ltd
(Unrestricted Community Fund)

Roxul Inc.
(Unrestricted Community Fund)

Unifab Industries Ltd.
(Unrestricted Community Fund)

Grand Forks Gyro Club
(Children & Youth)

PivotPoint Consulting (Jane Green)
(Donor Advised)

Named Cause


Aboriginal Children & Youth

Village of Midway

Early Childhood Development

Youth in Philanthropy


Gordon Keir Memorial

Grand Forks & District Business Community


John A. Robertson Memorial

John Nilsen Memorial

J.J. McDonell Memorial


John Nilsen
(scholarship for a student entering the field of medicine, selected by GFSS Scholarship Committee)

J.J. McDonell
(scholarship with emphasis on service, selected by GFSS Scholarship Committee)

Gordon Keir
(scholarship selected by family representatives)

Keith Perepelkin
(donor advised)

Vincent Short/George & Agnes Ruzicka
(donor advised)

Alexander Huxter Fund
(Children & Youth)


Boundary Community Hospice Association

Boundary Family & Individual Services Society (BFISS)

BFISS- Children with Special Needs

Grand Forks Art Gallery

Boundary Women’s Coalition

Rock Creek Medical Society

Boundary District Arts Council

Union of Spiritual Communities of Christ

West Boundary Elementary School

Christina Lake Stewardship Society


Dave & Nancy Dale
(Unrestricted Community Fund)

(Unrestricted Community Fund)

Doug & Beryl Robertson
(Unrestricted Community Fund)

Cathy Manson
(Unrestricted Community Fund)

Homer & Ina Good
(Unrestricted Community Fund)

William & Arlette Strookoff
(Unrestricted Community Fund and Administration)

Peter Somerville & Dawn Devito
(Unrestricted Communiyty Fund)

William T.Uphill Fund
(Unrestricted Community Fund)

Barry & Peggy Phillips
(Children & Youth)

Griffith Family
(Boundary Museum)

Dick & Irene Bartlett
(GF Rotary Club Scholarship Fund)

Phyllis Acres
(Abbeyfield Centennial House)

Adolf Fritz
(Friends of the Library)

Bill & Marilyn Neaves
(Animal Welfare & Unrestricted Community Fund)

Gus and Daphne Sherbinin
(Village of Midway and Unrestricted Community)

Rob and Tamara Ogloff
(Children & Youth)

(Donor Advised to Community Health)

Field Of Interest

Children & Youth

Animal Welfare




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Establishing A Fund

Donors with a minimum of $5,000 have the option of establishing their own named funds, providing a variety of options to satisfy the donor’s charitable needs.

Give Where It Matters

Donate to one of our existing funds or start your own legacy by establishing a named fund.