Guiding Principles

Our Mission
“Building A Better Boundary”

The Phoenix Foundation fulfills its mission by:

  • Perpetuity – Establishing a growing capital fund whose earnings will be used to meet a wide range of local charitable needs and interests;
  • Development – Attracting contributions in the form of permanent endowments either with or without restriction or designation;
  • Investment – Maintaining the purchasing power of funds entrusted to the Phoenix Foundation while achieving maximum returns consistent with prudent investing;
  • Grant-making – Making wise and effective distributions to meet the communities’ needs while respecting specific directions of the donors;
  • Community Leadership – Providing leadership to the Boundary communities in identifying problems, opportunities and appropriate responses.

Our Philosophy

A better boundary fosters more opportunities through:

  • Promoting social capital, community capacity and resiliency through local, provincial and national partnerships.
  • Determining priorities and needs through collaboration with the community through our sectoral advisory committee.

Our Objectives

  • To ensure there are healthy supportive environments in which children and youth of the Boundary can flourish
  • To support and advance community health services from infants to seniors
  • To support social services to empower people in need and to alleviate human suffering and poverty
  • To advance community education through the establishment of scholarship funds and the funding of worthy educational endeavors
  • To assist and promote the arts and cultural activities including, without limitations, theatre, dance, literature, film, video, music, painting and sculpture
  • To proactively support emerging community activities or facilities of a charitable nature

Our Vision

  • The Phoenix Foundation is a trusted agent for philanthropy, benefiting our community, today and forever
  • Trusted by donors as the first choice to create endowments
  • Recognized by charities as the primary source for grants meeting community needs, enriching people’s lives and building an enduring legacy of positive change
  • Acknowledged by community leaders as the right place for innovative and prudent investments in the Boundary’s future

Our Values

The integrity of the Phoenix Foundation lies in its values:

  • Its relationships with the community including donors, grantees, volunteers and staff
  • Its role as a catalyst for building and strengthening our community
  • Its commitment of openness, honesty, and accessibility