Grant Archive Midway

Bridesville, Carmi, Westbridge, Beaverdell, Christian Valley, Rock Creek, Kettle Valley, Midway, Greenwood, Grand Forks, and Christina Lake.


2016 RecipientsAmountCategory
Midway and Beyond Little Theatre$1,000.00Community
2014 RecipientsAmountCategory
Midway and Beyond Little Theatre$4,000.00Arts & Culture
2012 RecipientsAmountCategory
Midway Public Library$1,500.00Libraries & Education
2008 RecipientsAmountCategory
Boundary Ice Users Group$1,500.00Health & Welfare
Boundary Secondary School$ 800.00Libraries & Education
Kettle River Museum Society$1,000.00Libraries & Education
2007 RecipientsAmountCategory
Kettle River Museum Society$500.00Libraries & Education
Midway Medical Society$640.00Health and Welfare
2006 RecipientsAmountCategory
Kettle River Museum Society$600.00Libraries & Education
2005 RecipientsAmountCategory
Midway Public Library$1000.00Libraries & Education

Pre-2005 Records

Grant Archive records previous to 2005 contain annual agency disbursements as well as grants.

2004 RecipientsAmountCategory
Midway PAC$2000.00Children & Families
2000 RecipientsAmountCategory
West Boundary Senior Housing$4000.00Elderly & Special Care
Midway Public Library$250.00Libraries & Education
1999 RecipientsAmountCategory
Kettle River Museum Society$300.00Arts and Culture
Midway Public Library$300.00Libraries & Education
Midway Public Library$250.00Libraries & Education