Phoenix Supports Jacob Noseworthy

The British Columbia Youth Parliament is held each year between Christmas and New Years. Students must apply to be a part of this activity, which takes place in the BC Legislature building. Being able to attend the British Columbia Youth Parliament was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had. To be able to sit in the Legislative Assembly with over ninety other young people, and go through the parliamentary process was an incredible experience. From going over BCYP’s own constitution and our ongoing plans throughout the year, to debating issues that affect young Canadians as well as all Canadians alike was an amazing opportunity. Because of the help of the grant from the Phoenix Foundation, I was able to represent our community of Grand Forks, as well as the Boundary as a whole. Because of my future plans to go into politics, what I’ve learned at BC Youth Parliament I hope to use my entire life, as well as remember back on my experiences.