Dec, 2018: The Path Home Fund

A new opportunity to help our communities has been coordinated through the Phoenix Foundation, Boundary Family Services Society, and the Boundary Flood Recovery Team. We have established The Path Home Fund which will be available to individuals and families directly affected by the 2018 flood. Unlike our endowment grants this fund will be administered on an on-going basis based on needs and entirely dependent on donations specifically made to it. Both the PF and BFSS are waiving any administration fees. Canada Helps, which is a means for collecting online donations, does have a fee of 4% but provides tax receipts. That mean 96 cents of every dollar goes directly to those in need. Those seeking to access the fund should apply directly to Boundary Family Services Society.

To donate, go to and select The Path Home Fund. Thank you for your generosity.

Apr, 2018: gfcu Contributes $50,000 to Community Endowment in 2018

Mar, 2018: 2017 - 18 Granting Cycle is complete and successful recipients will hear from the Foundation by the end of April 2018. Thanks for the many applications

  • Step 1: Go to: and read the Grant Seekers section
  • Step 2: Read 2014 Vital Signs Report (available on website at:
  • Step 3: Ask: “Can we partner with other agencies or apply for funding from other sources to strengthen our proposal” and “Does the proposal address the priority areas identified by the 2014 Vital Signs Report
  • Step 4: Submit Letter of Intent by Feb. 28, 2018
For more information, email the Foundation at:
and leave us a phone number where we can contact you.

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