New Agency Endowment Fund

The Phoenix Foundation would like to recognize the Boundary Community Hospice Association for establishing a new Agency Endowment Fund on November 4/2022 (in the same name) of which they generously donated $50,000.00. The annual income from this donation will be used to fund ongoing operating expenses for the Boundary Community Hospice Association, which ultimately benefits all communities within the Boundary Region. I think it goes without saying, that having access to the Boundary Community Hospice Association, provides a tremendous amount of support to those families in the Boundary Region that are going through a very difficult & emotional time with their loved ones. By establishing this endowment fund, will allow anyone to make donations in the future, knowing that the annual income from the accumulated capital, will be distributed back to this very worthwhile organization, which in turn will be used to fund ongoing expenses as needed by the Boundary Community Hospice Association.