health care and BC community prosperity funds

In 1997, a visionary group of local people started the Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary.  Its aim was to identify local issues, encourage philanthropy, and fund charitable activities.  This vision continues today.

The Phoenix Foundation supports grant funding across a broad range of areas in the spirit of building a better Boundary. Several key initiatives are underway for 2024. This includes support of health care programs, education and training for health care professionals in Grand Forks and the Boundary region.  As a vision of the Grand Forks Credit Union and Gulf & Fraser Fishermen’s Credit Union community investment philosophy, the Phoenix Foundation has been awarded a $400,000 Legacy Fund to put to work a granting cycle of $80,000 each year, over the next five years, with a goal to improve quality healthcare in the Boundary.

The purpose of the Legacy Fund is to disperse the full value of the endowment fund over the course of a five-year period.  To ensure the sustainability of health care in the Boundary and surrounding communities, the Phoenix Foundation will open round one applications in January 2024 to March 31, 2024 to support individuals wishing to enroll or have enrolled in education and/or training in health care or a related field.  The minimum funding request is $2,500.  Multi-year funding will be considered. Applications are now open. Find the application HERE.

The Community Prosperity Fund is a new $25 million fund made possible through the Stronger Community Services Fund from Government of BC. These awards will be distributed by BC community foundations. Vancouver Foundation believes in community-driven decisions and trusts the expertise of local community foundations to guide our collective efforts towards poverty reduction and sustainable community development. This fund will provide multi-year operational grants for charities and non-profits addressing poverty reduction and social inclusion across the province. 

The Community Prosperity Fund – a three-year, $25 million program to invest in community organizations working on poverty reduction and social inclusion – is set to launch in 2024! 

The Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities will deliver this funding with other community foundations across British Columbia. 

UPDATE – January 23, 2024

  • Community Prosperity Fund Update: The application portal is going to launch end of March 2024 and will remain open to receive applications for 30 days. High-level eligibility criteria will be available at the end of February, and the full applicant guide will be available ahead of the launch. 
  • We will be taking part in delivering the Community Prosperity Fund – a $25 million investment from the Government of BC focusing on poverty reduction and social inclusion. Application intake will begin in March 2024. More details to come soon!

More details to come, including eligibility and application details, in the new year! Explore more about this funding at: