• Make a gift of cash, securities or property
  • Provide for a bequest in your will
  • Take out a gift of life insurance
  • Set up a planned instrument such as a charitable remainder trust
  • Transfer an existing foundation, charitable trust or endowment

Establish a Fund:

Types of Funds are defined by method of distribution and selection of recipients. These provide you with the most options you will need to achieve your charitable goals.

The Phoenix Foundation Fund Development Committee and the Directors have a broad knowledge of charitable giving options and the Foundation’s Committees have an in-depth awareness of Boundary Community needs. Working as a team we can assist you in structuring your fund and work with you and your financial and/or legal advisors on more complicated matters. (For more information contact us)

A minimum of $5,000 is required to establish a named fund. If there are financial constraints, the fund may be opened with an initial contribution of $1,000 with an agreement to build it up to $5,000 within 5 years. All funds are recognized in our Annual Reports and on the Phoenix Foundation website.

Named Funds: Named Funds: Named Funds are designed to provide recognition to the Donor, Corporation, Agency, Family or Individual. The categories are; Corporate, Agency, Family, Memorial, Scholarship and Named Cause.

A Corporate Fund provides the corporation or organization the means to build public awareness of their contributions to the community with the revenue flowing to one or more of four types of funds.

Four Types of Funds:

1. Unrestricted Community Funds allow the Donor’s charitable gifts to have the greatest possible impact. The income from this type of fund is applied to the community’s most pressing current needs and has the flexibility to respond to needs as they emerge. Grants awarded from unrestricted funds are made only after applications for funding have been considered and approved by a Grants Committee which is made up of Directors and informed community representatives.

2. Field-of-Interest Funds may be established with the income to be distributed through one or more of the Foundation’s fields-of-interest. Gifts of these kinds give the broad discretion to the Grants Committee to select the agencies that can most effectively achieve the Donor’s charitable intent.

3. Donor Advised Funds create a permanent personal vehicle for charitable giving. During the Donor’s lifetime they or a chosen advisor(s) may choose to recommend potential charities to benefit from the fund. When the Donor or other designated advisors no longer wish to or are unable to make recommendations, the fund will continue its charitable giving as an Unrestricted or Field-of-Interest Fund.

4. Designated Funds direct income to one or more specific charitable organizations. This includes all local, provincial and national charities registered with Revenue Canada. The Phoenix Foundation will carry out your wishes as long as the named organizations function as they did when the Donor established the fund. If an organization ceases to exist or substantially changes its purpose, the Foundation is empowered to redirect the income from your fund for a purpose similar to the one you selected.

The Family Fund By creating a Family Fund, a family can preserve their heritage in perpetuity. Donors may choose to establish a named fund with a provision in their will, or they may wish to create a family fund today, and enjoy the satisfaction of giving during their lifetime and receiving an immediate tax benefit. The Family Fund will be appropriately memorialized in the Phoenix Foundation’s annual reports as well as other publications. Distributions to beneficiaries will be identified as coming from your fund and the Phoenix Foundation.

Donors may choose to take an active part in the decision surrounding the distribution of dividends from their family fund or leave this responsibility with the Phoenix Foundation. Donors may tailor their contribution to their own charitable interests by choosing one or a combination of the four types of funds.

Memorial Funds are established to memorialize the life and/or contributions of a family member, friend, or community leader. Recognition for the fund is the same as for the Family Fund. An option to consider when someone passes away is to make arrangements for the Phoenix Foundation to receive donations in lieu of flowers, and/or outright donations to the Memorial Fund. All donations are tax deductible. Memorial Funds may be designated to one of the four types of Funds.

Scholarship Funds assist students to continue on to post secondary education or trade schools. Donors set the qualifying criteria and students meeting the criteria are selected.

Named Cause Funds address a single charity or a cause with a broader purpose. Distribution of revenue is either designated by the donor or distributed through the Grants Committee.

Agency Funds may be established by the agency itself, an individual, or corporation to provide revenue for operating costs of the agency. The revenues from the fund go directly to the agency. All donors interested in supporting the operating cost of the agency in perpetuity are encouraged to contribute to the fund.

See our list of funds


Phoenix Foundation encourages and welcomes gifts / donations of any amount. Donations are gratefully accepted at the Grand Forks District Savings Credit Union. Just ask at the reception desk. Mail a donation with the completed Donor Form to Box 1012, Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0 or Email US @ to have a donation form sent to you.

Donor Information:

Donate to the Unrestricted Community Fund for the broadest community impact, or choose an agency or Field-of-Interest Fund. Whichever option is chosen, the benefits from the donation stay in the Boundary.

A donor who is able to contribute more substantial amounts has the option of establishing a named fund. Named funds provide a variety of options to satisfy a donor’s charitable needs.


Endowments & Fields-of-Interest


The proceeds from the Children and Youth endowment will be used to enhance the well-being of children and youth and their families and to support environments in which the children and youth of the Boundary Communities can grow and flourish.


The proceeds from the Health endowment will be used to support and advance the provision of community health initiatives that improve population health across the age spectrum from infants to seniors.


Funding interests of the Phoenix Foundation’s Animal Endowment covers a wide spectrum of large and small animal species and issue areas, including companion and rescue animals; captive animals and free-ranging wildlife; farmed animals and animals used in research.

Examples of types of initiatives the Animal Endowment supports includes animal shelters and sanctuaries; spay/neuter initiatives and other forms of animal population control; education on the humane way for care and control of all animals; wildlife protection and injured animal rehabilitation; education on the humane treatment of production animals; minimization of pain and suffering to laboratory animals, and many other areas of interest


The proceeds from this endowment will be used to promote and strengthen local environmental stewardship to help maintain the rich biodiversity of the Boundary. It supports projects that protect, preserve, enhance or restore the land, wildlife, natural flora, waterways, water and air quality, including public awareness initiatives, solutions and capacity building. Projects must have a clear vision; balance economic, environmental and social factors; and incorporate the views of a wide cross-section of the Boundary.


The proceeds from this endowment will enhance the lives, health and well-being of the senior population of the Boundary region by supporting programs and services promoting quality of life by meeting social, physical, developmental and recreational needs.


The proceeds from this endowment will relate to Women’s health, youth health services, harm reduction services and agencies which support and advocate for such initiatives, including homeless or marginalized members of the communities.

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