Month: March 2018

2018 Granting Cycle Complete

The 2018 granting cycle for the Phoenix Foundation is now complete. The Foundation would like to thank all applicants for their submissions. Successful grant recipients will be notified by the Foundation by the end of April 2018.

2018 Community Conversation

Housing Table 1 Not risk community $$$ Empty buildings – too many What are the Needs? Short term rentals (like motels) are essential to support and house the construction workers – need housing while here Potential house/acreage @10K North Fork road to create a free community Billeting – for events, to support them Questions: What is the City’s role in …

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Foundation Helps Hams Expand Reach

The Grand Forks Amateur Radio Club is expanding the reach and strength of its communications thanks to a new repeater, made possible with a donation from the Phoenix Foundation and tested last Thursday at an open house. The amateur radio club (commonly known as ‘hams’) demonstrated the new repeater, which amplifies a radio signal to strengthen and increase the reach …

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