The Phoenix Foundation will focus its Grants Program within the geographic area including the communities of Bridesville, Carmi, Westbridge, Beaverdell, Christian Valley, Rock Creek, Kettle Valley, Midway, Greenwood, Grand Forks, and Christina Lake, collectively known as the "Boundary" area. The Phoenix Foundation's Community Grants Program looks for a wide range of creative projects designed to benefit the maximum number of people in the Boundary area. Funded activities should provide a direct service to the community, or take an innovative approach to community concerns. The funded activities must be in one or more of the categories as outlined above. The Foundation will consider requests for:

  • Capital projects, including construction and equipment purchases
  • Program related projects, such as specific, time-limited activities designed to meet certain goals

Typically, the Phoenix Foundation will fund up to 30% of a proposed project. Organizations should have at least 50% of their funding in place before they apply. The Foundation may, at its discretion, fund up to 100% of a project's cost.

The Phoenix Foundation anticipates disbursing its funding to many groups throughout the Boundary Area, working in many fields of interest. Therefore, it may be necessary to limit the frequency of application from any one organization to ensure equitable access to all organizations.


In order to apply for funding from the Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary you must be a registered Canadian charity. If you do not have a Canada Revenue Agency number please contact the Chair of the Grants Committee for other options.

How to Apply

STAGE 1 – Letter of Intent

DEADLINE - The Foundation must receive your Letter of Intent, either electronically to (preferred) or by mail to the Grants Committee, Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities, Box 1012 Grand Forks, BC V0H 1H0 by midnight onFebruary 28th of the current granting year.

If you believe that your project falls within the guiding principles and decision-making criteria set forth above, please submit a letter, not to exceed two pages, outlining your proposal. In the letter, please include:

  • the registered name of the organization and the Canada Revenue Agency charitable number of the organization or the registered sponsor
  • a statement of the issues or community priorities that the project will address
  • a concise description of the activities to be undertaken
  • a brief budget including information on other funding sources and the amount requested from the Phoenix Foundation
Please attach a copy of your most recent financial statements with the letter.

If your letter is received by email, we will acknowledge your application by reply email. If you do not receive a reply, please call to ensure that your application was received.

Your letter of intent will be reviewed to assess eligibility and viability. This preliminary process takes two-four weeks. If there is potential to fund the project, your organization will be invited to submit a formal application.

STAGE 2 – Grant Application

Those who are invited to submit a formal application will be provided with an application form to complete for the appropriate deadline - April 15 or as indicated in your letter of acceptance.

The application should be no more than four pages in length, using the format set forth by the Foundation. Your formal application will be reviewed by the Grants Committee of the Phoenix Foundation. A representative of the Grants Committee may contact your organization to gain a complete understanding of your project; this may include a site visit. At the conclusion of the review process, the Grants Committee makes its recommendations to the Board of Directors of the Phoenix Foundation for their approval. You can expect to receive an answer to your application within six weeks of the application due dates.

Please mail to: Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary
Box 1012, Grand Forks, B.C. V0H 1H0.

Letters of intent and/or grant applications may also be submitted online to

If your proposal is received by email, we will acknowledge your application by reply email. If you do not receive a reply, please call to ensure that your application was received.

We will be looking for cross-sector collaboration, partnerships, holistic thinking and leveraging of other dollars.


The Community Grants Program at the Phoenix Foundation distributes income from the unrestricted Community Fund. Applications for these funds are reviewed each Spring of each year. The Board of Directors of the Phoenix Foundation is responsible for the overall policies and practices of the Foundation. In considering applications for funding, the Board relies on the recommendations of the Grants Committee and Advisory members serving in the following categories:

  • Animal Welfare
  • Arts and Culture
  • Children and Families
  • Elderly and Special Care
  • Environment
  • Health and Welfare
  • Libraries and Education
  • Social Justice
  • Youth


  • 100% of a project's cost
  • An organization's operational or core expenses
  • Retroactive funding, or for any project expenses to be incurred prior to the Foundation's decision date
  • Debt retirement, reserves, or mortgage pay downs
  • Activities of religious organizations that serve primarily their membership and/or their direct religious purposes
  • Sabbatical leaves, student exchanges
  • Endowment grants
  • Activities supported through government funding
    • Amateur sports
    • School construction (including post-secondary)
    • Publication of books
    • Support for dissertation research
    • Computer Labs
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