The mythological Phoenix bird, rising from the ashes is a universal symbol of immortality. In 1997 the Phoenix Foundation of the Boundary Communities was formally created as a full Community Foundation and a member of the Community Foundations of Canada. The Phoenix Foundation was established as reflection of the great values that individuals, families and businesses place on the Boundary area, its heritage, its people and its communities of Beaverdell, Bridesville, Christina Lake, Grand Forks, Greenwood, Midway and Rock Creek. Founding directors were Dave Dale, Art Stavenjord, Bill Uphill, Bill Strookoff, Homer Good, Peggy Philips and Annie Holtby. Steve Babakioff (USCC Rep.), Steve Burt (City of Grand Forks Rep.), Key supporters and community forum facilitators included Denny Kemprud and Maxine Ruzicka (School District 51), Leda Leander (BFISS) and Cathy Manson (Grand Forks Credit Union). Throughout the early development of the Foundation School District 51 and the Grand Forks and District Savings and Credit Union were supporting organizations that provided critical administrative services and resources. gary smith presenting cheque from phoenix foundation

Through contributions from donors, the Foundation assembles and administers permanent endowments so the income can be eternally reinvested in our community. Through our granting process, the revenue from these endowments supports local charitable organizations, community projects and initiatives for today and into the future.

The Phoenix Foundation recognizes that our Boundary community needs many things to be a place where people choose to live and work. It needs a vision for the future. It needs to be a safe place to live. It needs easily accessible resources for its residents. It needs affordable artistic, athletic and cultural programs. It needs dedicated people who care enough about their community to make it better. It needs funding for community activities and programs.

To donors, the Phoenix Foundation offers expert assistance in learning more about the causes they care about, and the ability to make positive change by contributing with others that share similar interests. To the community at large, the foundation offers a permanent, growing source of funds for community projects, leadership grants and scholarships.

The Phoenix Foundation helps the people of the Boundary area by encouraging philanthropy and funding charitable activities. Through contributions from donors, the Foundation assembles and administers permanent pools of capital so the returns can be perpetually reinvested in our community. The foundation complements and supports other charitable agencies.

Mission Statement


The Phoenix Foundation fulfills its mission by:

  • Perpetuity - Establishing a growing capital fund whose earnings will be used to meet a wide range of local charitable needs and interests;
  • Development – Attracting contributions in the form of permanent endowments either with or without restriction or designation;
  • Investment – Maintaining the purchasing power of funds entrusted to the Foundation while achieving maximum returns consistent with prudent investment;
  • Grant-making – Making wise and effective distributions to meet the communities’ needs while respecting specific directions of the donors;
  • Community Leadership – Providing leadership to the communities in identifying problems, opportunities and appropriate responses.

A BETTER BOUNDARY fosters more opportunities through:

  • Promoting social capital and community capacity through partnerships, national, provincially and locally.
  • Determining priorities and needs through collaboration with the community through our sectoral advisory committee.

  • To ensure that there is a healthy supportive environment in which children and youth of the Boundary can flourish
  • To support and advance the provision of community health services from infants to seniors
  • To support social services to empower people in need and to alleviate human suffering and poverty
  • To advance community education through the establishment of scholarship funds and the funding of worthy educational endeavors
  • To assist and promote the arts and cultural activities including, without limitations, theatre, dance, literature, film and video, music, painting and sculpture
  • To proactively support other emerging community activities or facilities of a charitable nature

  • The Phoenix Foundation is a trusted agent for philanthropy, benefiting our community, today and forever
  • Trusted by donors as the first choice to create endowments
  • Recognized by charities as the primary source for grants that meet community needs, enrich people's lives and build an enduring legacy of positive change
  • Acknowledged by community leaders as the right place for innovative and prudent investments in the Boundary’s future


The integrity of the Phoenix Foundation lies in its values:

  • Its relationships with the community including donors, grantees, volunteers and staff
  • Its role as a catalyst for building and strengthening our community
  • Its commitment of openness, honesty, accessibility
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